Submitting CHC Appointee Updates

County officials are directed to provide County Historical Commission (CHC) appointee updates in January of odd-numbered years as per the Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 318. The Texas Historical Commission (THC) uses this opportunity to update contact information for individuals who have been re-appointed, in addition to providing information for new appointees. Counties are asked to identify CHC Chairs and Marker Chairs to ensure that the THC connects with the appropriate county contacts on a regular basis.

The CHC Outreach Program tracks appointee roster submissions and produces a cumulative list of CHC Chairs across the state, which is provided as a link on this web page: What are CHCs?

Submitting CHC appointee rosters

Please use the following template to create a roster of CHC appointees. Counties should submit an updated roster at the beginning of each term of service (January of odd-numbered years). CHCs should verify appointee contact information on a regular basis, perhaps at each commission meeting. If updates need to be made, the CHC should edit the roster spreadsheet, identify changes in contact information (names, telephone numbers, or email addresses) by bolding the updated text, and email the updated roster to the THC. This is also the method by which CHCs can update the THC on who serves as the CHC Chair or Marker Chair.

CHC Appointee Roster Template

We specifically request rosters in this excel format rather than Microsoft Word or PDF documents so that information from all 254 CHCs can be merged efficiently.

Updated roster excel documents should be emailed to Maddie Clites at

Supplemental information for county officials and CHCs

Below is a list of supplemental documents created by THC's CHC Outreach Program for county officials. These documents may help provide more information on responsibilities associated with CHCs.

Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 318

Suggested appointee selection criteria

Frequently asked questions regarding the relationship between county government and CHCs--to be provided soon

Sample request for appointment--provided by the Tom Green CHC

Sample CHC meeting agenda--provided by the Brewster CHC

Sample CHC budget--to be provided soon

Questions concerning CHC appointments should be directed to Amy Hammons using or by calling 512.475.2692.