Regional Archeology

The State Archeologist oversees the Regional Archeology Program, the Texas Archeological Stewardship Network, Texas Archeology Month, Historic Texas Lands Plaque program, and special projects.

The Archeology Division (AD) divides the state into five terrestrial regions and a marine region that includes all of coasts, rivers, and lakes. A staff archeologist is assigned to each region to provide assistance to stewards, landowners, and communities when needed. If you need assistance use our map to contact your regional AD staff. For more information about regulatory reviews, see our Project Review page.

AD staff archeologists respond to thousands of public inquiries regarding prehistoric and historic archeological sites in Texas. They offer archeological consultation to state agencies, professional and avocational archeologists, landowners, teachers, heritage groups, and interested individuals. They investigate important endangered sites dating from prehistoric times to the 20th century. They record new archeological sites and monitor previously recorded sites to ensure their protection. The AD staff also engages in significant projects related to African American, Hispanic, and Native American cultural resources.




Or more of the archeological sites in Texas are privately owned

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Salado College Excavation

In January and February of 2012, THC AD staff, members of the Texas Archeological Stewards Network, faculty and students of Baylor University’s Department of Anthropology, Forensic Sciences, and Archeology, and members of the Texas Archeological Society conducted test excavations at the NRHP listed Salado College Site in Salado, Texas.

Archeology in the Panhandle

Each summer for the last three years THC AD staff have assisted Courson Archaeological Research to provide students with an introduction to archeological field methods at the Courson Archaeological field school in Roberts County.  Several Plains Village sites dating to between A.D. 1350-A.D. 1450 were investigated.