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Texas has a unique military history reflecting its stages of growth and the governments that have contributed to its development. The Texas Historical Commission (THC) recognizes the importance of this heritage by supporting efforts to preserve historically important military sites.

The Military Sites Program (Military History) was developed to help provide the proper tools and support for these special places in Texas history. Since 1997, the program has conducted multiple long-term projects to increase the documentation and interpretation of the state's military history. These programs include: the Texas in World War II Initiative, the Texas Sesquicentennial of the American Civil War Initiative, the Texas Civil War Monuments Fund, and a national award winning oral history training workshop series. In the course of these projects, the Military History program has researched and produced mulitple travel brochures that highlight Texas' military sites.

An ongoing project for the Military History Program has been an effort to extensively research, document, and produce onsite interpretation and online materials detailing the historic context of Department of Justice and U.S. Army internment camps that held Japanese and German Americans; Japanese, German, and Italian Enemy Aliens; and Latin American internees of the aforementioned ancestory at five sites in Texas during World War II. Please explore the under told history of these confinement camps by clicking on links on the righthand side of this webpage.

Armored Vietnam River Landing Craft


Read below under Highlights for more information about our project, Texas in the Cold War, an oral history training workshop series wrapping up in the fall of 2015.







In 2017, the Centennial of Texas in World War I will be observed across the state. If grant funding is secured, the THC hopes to continue its interpretation of military history with a Texas in World War I project (the photo on the top left side of this webpage is a parade of the 36th Infantry Division in downtown Fort Worth in 1918).




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