Historic Texas Highways

In 2009, House Bill 2642 established the Texas Historic Roads and Highways Program, the goal of which is to identify, designate, interpret, and market historic roads and highways in Texas. The Texas Historical Commission (THC) and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) have entered into agreement to administer projects relating to this program. 

The first project under the Historic Roads and Highways Program focuses on the historic Bankhead Highway, a coast-to-coast roadway established in 1916. The Texas Legislature designated the Texas portion of the Bankhead as a Texas Historic Highway in 2009. Using Federal Transportation Enhancement funds, the THC and TxDOT are coordinating to accomplish several products: 

  • A historic context for Texas highways statewide,
  • A cultural resources survey of much of the Bankhead Highway (including field documentation of highway-related resources),
  • Upgrades to the THC Atlas that will assist in documentation of historic resources, and
  • Interpretation measures such as an online portal that will provide valuable historic tourism information.



Texas Department of Transportation was established, then known as State Highway Department

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What's New

Bankhead Highway Public Outreach Meetings

The public outreach meetings started on August 6 in Texarkana, and will be held in multiple towns along the Bankhead Highway through December.

Texarkana meeting on August 6, 2013
Mount Vernon meeting on August 8, 2013
Dallas meeting on September 10, 2013
Fort Worth meeting on September 12, 2013
Eastland meeting on September 30, 2013
Mineral Wells meeting on October 1, 2013
Abilene meeting on October 3, 2013
Midland meeting on November 6, 2013
Van Horn meeting on November 7, 2013
El Paso meeting on December 3, 2013