Fort McKavett State Historic Site

Reenactors raise the US flag. The fort ruins at night. Soldier reenactors. Kids play games on the grounds.

7066 FM 864 
Fort McKavett, TX 76841
GPS: N30° 49' 28.2" W100° 6' 37.8"


Driving map to Fort McKavett.

Standing atop a windswept remote hill, the remains of a 150-year-old West Texas fort beckon curious visitors to the site that is now considered one of the best preserved and most intact examples of a Texas Indian Wars (1850–1875) military post. Take in the spectacular Hill Country vistas and experience early West Texas life through the real stories of the infantrymen, Buffalo Soldiers, women, and children who lived at what Gen. William T. Sherman once described as "the prettiest post in Texas."

Restored structures include the officers’ quarters, barracks, hospital, school house, dead house, sink, and post headquarters. In addition, there are ruins of several buildings, most notably the commanding officer’s quarters, which burned in 1941, and the barracks along the north side of the parade ground, which once was the longest building west of the Mississippi River.

Upcoming Events

February 6

Soft Hands, Rough Lands - Fort McKavett

At Fort McKavett, we place a lot of emphasis on the daily lives of the soldiers stationed here. However, men were not the only residents during the fort's operation. Experience the life of women on the harsh Texas Frontier, and see the hardships...

March 5

Fort McKavett Spring Star Party

See the stars as they were meant to be seen—away from city lights. Join us as Fort McKavett plays host to the Johnson Space Center Astronomical Society's (JSCAS) Spring Star Party and take an opportunity to gaze at the stars of the spring sky....

March 16

Inkwells and Slate Boards - Fort McKavett

While enjoying your spring break, plan to make a stop at Fort McKavett, but best come prepared for class!

Visitors will see how both soldiers and school children alike were taught how to write using ink well pens and slate boards with...

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