2013 Reporting Info for CHC Chairs

County Historical Commission (CHC) Chairs are the THC's primary point of contact for CHCs and are the individuals ultimately responsible for providing a completed annual report after each year of service. The following instructions will help CHC Chairs prepare information necessary to complete the annual report.

Completed report due no later than February 28, 2014.

If your CHC has a conflict with making this reporting deadline, please contact Amy Hammons (512.475.2692) to discuss your situation.

Reference material necessary for report:

  1. Current CHC appointee roster
  2. A thorough understanding of CHC projects and accomplishments for 2013 (making a list before starting the report is recommended)
  3. Budget and/or treasury reports (end of 2012 through 2013)
  4. List of educational opportunities your CHC members attended in 2013
  5. Volunteer hours accumulated by your CHC for 2013
  6. If available, a list of historic properties that were demolished in 2013 or that are endangered due to threat of demolition, structural instability, etc.

CHC online reporting provided since 2008.

CHC Chairs who have an email listed with the THC will be emailed an online reporting link on January 3, 2014. Online reporting is the best way for CHCs to help the THC's reduced staff to process documentation from Texas' 254 counties. We do not provide the online survey link on this public site to prevent general access to the online report. Call the THC at 512.463-5853 if you need access to this online reporting link.

Before starting the online survey, please read the following instructions:

  • The most expedient way to complete your online report is to prepare answers and then enter the online report to complete it one sitting.
  • We provide an electronic Word version of the annual to help CHCs prepare answers prior to entering the online report and for CHCs that do not feel comfortable using the Internet; that document can be accessed here: 2013 CHC Annual Report.
  • To be clear, this electronic Word document is not the online report. The online report is hosted through the SurveyMonkey website.
  • Using this electronic document to prepare reporting answers allows you to type out project descriptions and longer answers, edit, and cut/paste them into the online report text boxes.
  • Above preparation will enable the online process to take less than 1 hour. The process will take much longer to complete, requiring several stops and starts to find the required information, without preparation as directed.
  • If you do need to exit the online report prior to completing the report, you MUST use the same computer each time you access the online report. Re-enter the report using the same link you used to enter the first time.
  • You are able to move forward and backward through the report to check or change previous answers; this must be done prior to clicking “Done” on the last page of the report.
  • Your answers are saved as you move from screen to screen; be sure to move to the next page before exiting the online report.

For CHCs that do not use the Internet.

You may use the above electronic Word document version of the CHC Annual Report. Download the document, enter your answers, save often with a name that includes your county name, and email the completed version to amy.hammons@thc.state.tx.us.

For CHCs that do not use a computer.

Have a CHC appointee or your county offices print out the electronic Word document version of the CHC Annual Report. Fill out the paper document, make a copy for your records, and mail a completed copy to the THC in care of Amy Hammons using the following address: PO Box 12276, Austin, TX, 78711.